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Cinemagraphs have been described as somewhere between still photographs and video.

Cinemagraphs or animated stills can be used to provide unusual effects. The principle is to have something that, in the real world, you would normally expect to move but instead keep it still. The part of the image to which you wish to draw the customer's attention is the part that you have moving. As far as web marketing imagery is concerned it's all about engaging the customer.

Cinemagraphs were pioneered by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg and she describes them as capturing those living moments in the real world and showing them in an image.

They are most effective when you can't see that they are a looping movie and your senses tell you there is something slightly unreal.

The example on the left is pretty obvious but some you have to look a little harder to see what is going on. Some cinemagraphs have an initial delay, so, for a while nothing happens and you think you are looking at a still until some aspect of the photograph moves.

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